It can be very confusing to select a suitable laser hair removal provider that will provide you with honest and appropriate advice on the best treatment to suit your specific needs, skin type and budget.

There are many types of equipment on the market that purport to be suitable for Laser Hair Removal. The fact is that a very large proportion of these devices were designed for beauty and skin treatments and lack the precision required for effective permanent hair removal as proven by clinical trials (ref to Laser VS IPL fact sheet click here

A number of Laser devices such as light sheer diode lasers, ruby lasers etc, may be effective for hair removal however are old technology, slow and outdated. (ie light sheer diode Lasers have a 9mm coverage area vs You by Sia’s 18mm spot size therefore You by Sia’s Lasers are twice as fast).

Fortunately there are FDA approved Medical Grade Lasers designed to provide optimal treatments with exceptional results and are designed to deliver comfortable fast and effective treatments.

The provision of the treatment by highly skilled therapists trained in the use of these Medical Grade Lasers is also very important as its one thing to have the best equipment available yet another to know how to best calibrate and skillfully adapt the equipment to suit each client’s specific needs.

Clients often don’t know the right questions to ask or what is important for them to know when assessing a service provider, so we have prepared this simple questionnaire and scorecard for you to utilise as a tool when researching Laser Hair Removal providers.

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Simply follow the laser checklist asking the questions as they appear, write the score in the ‘Actual Score’ column using the ‘Possible Score’ as your guide. Add the Actual Score column to determine if the Clinic you have spoken with is able to provide you with value for your money and the service you need.

A professional specialist Hair Removal provider will rank between 12 to 16 (from a possible score of 16), any Clinic or provider ranking below this level will usually be heavily discounting their services and making promises that are simply too good to be true.

We suggest you exercise caution when dealing with these service providers as nothing is cheap if it doesn’t work and worse, unskilled operators and inappropriate use of equipment could stimulate more hair growth (on some hormonal areas such as female facial hair) and even worse, cause burns or pigmentation.

Specialist Laser Hair Removal is safe, fast, effective and tailored to suit your needs. If you are in doubt seek more information until all your questions have been answered.

We trust you will find this tool very useful when researching Laser Hair Removal and invite you to contact your nearest You by Sia’s Laser Clinic on 02 8323 7510 for complimentary assistance with your Hair Removal questions.

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