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Although facial hair growth is generally perceived as a problem that only men deal with on a daily basis, it is also an issue that many thousands of women deal with every day. For some women the issue can be a small amount of hair on the upper lip or a few darks hairs on the chin. However, others suffer from much heavier hair growth in the form of a beard (much like that of a man), excess growth from their hair in the form of sideburns and dark growth on their upper lip area.

Women’s facial hair growth can also be referred to as hormonal hair growth. All dark hair that appears on the face has grown due to a shift in hormones. Some women see increases in hair when they hit puberty. However others may find they get excess growth post pregnancy or menopause – all times when the body experiences a large hormonal shift. Regardless of when hair has appeared, laser removal can be effective treatment solution.

Laser hair removal is effective for permanent hair reduction on the face. The average person benefits from approximately ten treatments, however each individual responds to laser differently. Treatment intervals on the face are every 6 weeks. Many women will see very little facial hair if any at all after a consistent series of treatments. Following the first treatment, some clients experience up to a 50 percent reduction in hair in the problem areas.

Laser hair removal is a safe process in which a laser is attracted to the melanin (colour) within each hair and the follicle is killed at the root by a pin point accurate laser beams. Before beginning laser treatment, trained therapists, will thoroughly clean and ensure the area is shaved. Shaving the area enables the laser to directly target the colour in the root of the hair – causing minimal pain to the client.

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The skin on the facial area is highly delicate, so laser hair removal must be performed by trained staff that have extensive experience working in this area. Also ensure that only the highest quality medical grade lasers are used to perform laser hair removal on the facial area.

As the face is the area most often exposed to sun, wind and weather it also the most likely area of skin to appear darker in colour. As mentioned earlier, laser hair removal works through attraction to the colour in each hair. Darker skin, if not treated with the correct machine, can also be attracted to laser beam causing unsightly pigmentation and burning. Or, in some cases encourage further hair growth around the area. If you do have darker facial skin, enquire about the types of machines used before undertaking laser hair removal. The Nd Yag laser is especially created to treat darker skin types and is appropriate to use on facial areas.

Unfortunately, eyebrows still cannot be treated using laser hair removal, as treatment this close to the eye can be seriously dangerous and in some cases has been found to cause blindness. Laser hair removal of the ‘monobrow’ between the eyes is harmless as it is outside the ocular area or danger zone. You by Sia Laser Clinic uses only the best medical grade lasers for every laser hair removal treatment. The fully trained staff have years of experience working with a variety of skin types. For more information about laser hair removal and You by Sia’s Clinic services – contact us today!

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