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Device Description Facts Fallacies Suggestions
You by Sia’s Laser Clinic Alexandrite Laser You by Sia’s Genuine Alexandrite Laser with Dynamic Cooling Device. Specifically designed for Laser Hair Removal. Operates at the optimal hair removal depth and at 755 nanometre wavelength for effective and fast permanent hair reduction with Clinically proven results. Are the most effective, comfortable and fastest hair removal Lasers available for most skin types. The You by Sia’s Laser has the largest treatment area (18mm) on the market which translates to faster treatments in less time! Clinical trials in the USA between the You by Sia’s Laser and IPL devices clearly demonstrate the superiority of You by Sia’s Alexandrite state-ofthe- art Lasers for Hair Removal over IPL. ‘All Laser Clinic’s with an Alexandrite type laser will provide the same result’. This is a common misconception. To put it simply, it is the same as stating that anyone with a car is a great driver! Lasers are sophisticated pieces of surgical equipment requiring skill and experience to operate to maximum potential. Nothing is ‘cheap’ if it doesn’t provide you with the desired result. We see countless customers having spent large sums with some other Clinics and Salons with poor results and in some cases with increased hormonal growth. Before deciding on your Laser Hair Removal treatment ask the following questions: Type of Laser (IPL is not recommended for Permanent Hair reduction see Clinical paper and other details below) Experience - How long in the hair removal industry? Staff qualifications (ie Beauty Therapy Diploma Graduates with solid skin care experience?) Ensure you know exactly what you are receiving and that a comprehensive evaluation of your requirements has been conducted do not proceed with treatment until you have at least undergone a COMPLIMENTARY You by Sia’s Clinic Laser consultation as a comparison. It’s then up to you to make an informed decision!
Nd Yag Lasers Nd: Yag Lasers operate at 1064 nanometres. Nd Yag lasers are best suited for hair removal on darker skin types and on tanned skin (not recommended for recently tanned skin) however as the Nd: Yag operates at a 1064 nanometre wavelength this type of laser is also commonly used for treatment of leg veins, facial veins, wrinkles and skin tightening. Contrary to popular belief, recently tanned skin cannot be treated however sun exposed skin (2 weeks since exposure) can be safely treated. Get to know your correct skin type (Fitzpatrick Skin type scale from I fair skin to VI very dark skin) If you are a skin type I to III or IV although an Nd: Yag Laser will provide satisfactory results it is recommended you are treated with an Alexandrite type Laser for optimal results. If you are uncertain of your skin type, call a You by Sia Clinic to arrange a COMPLIMENTARY Consultation.
Diode Lasers Most common Diode Lasers operate at 800 nanometres which penetrates deeper into the epidermis than the You by Sia’s Alexandrite Laser but not as deep as the Nd: Yag Diode Lasers can be effective on light skin and for fine hair removal however have a ‘limited’ use due to their smaller spot size (treatment area) of typically 9mm square which means it can take twice as long to treat the same area as a You by Sia’s Alexandrite Laser with an 18mm spot size. Depending on the service provider, this can result in higher treatment costs due to the extra time involved in treatments to the same area as compared to a You by Sia’s Alexandrite Laser. Beware of marketing spin which would have you believe that Diode Lasers are capable of providing Laser Hair Removal in half the time of other hair removal treatments as the comparison is usually made against the less effective IPL machines (see IPL below) as no comparison can be made against the effective, more comfortable and faster You by Sia’s Alexandrite Lasers. These lasers are usually chosen more so for their portability by Clinics that share a laser between a number of Clinics to save on capital investment costs, this is hardly a criteria for achieving optimal client results. Each You by Sia Clinic has it’s own dedicated lasers. If you have very fine hair and do not require large areas to be treated ie legs, stomach, shoulders, male backs, torso etc or are not concerned about pain, (course hair areas such as bikini, Brazilian, underarm etc) then you may be satisfied with a Diode Laser. For clients requiring treatment of larger areas of coarse hair, we recommend that you determine your skin type and enquire about treatments with Clinics utilizing Alexandrite or Nd: Yag Lasers as appropriate for your skin type. If in doubt contact a You by Sia Clinic for unbiased advice on your skin type and appropriate hair removal solution.
IPL, SIPL, VPL or any other equiptment derivative with PL as a descriptive Unlike genuine Lasers as described above, IPL devices are NOT RECOMMENDED for hair removal as they emit various high intensity pulses of radiation defined by cut off *lters in a range between 600 and 1200 nanometres and lack the single concentrated wavelength precision of true lasers.These devices are designed for and better suited to, delivering various skin treatments Because Lasers use single wavelengths of energy, the side effect profile and dependability of response (to hair removal treatment) is superior to IPL devices. IPL needlessly exposes clients to some unnecessary and/or ineffective wavelengths of radiation and are lacking, by definition, the purity of treatment available with single-wavelength lasers. IPL operators are more inclined to entice and ‘churn’ unsuspecting clients by heavily discounting treatments giving a false sense of value. IPL devices have resulted in increased frequency of complications in Clinical trails and offered overall inferior results when compared to laser hair reduction. Ref: Phillip L. Bailin, M.D., F.A.C.P. Chairman, Department of Dermatology Cleveland Clinic Foundation IPL devices are marketed quite aggressively as they are significantly cheaper than genuine lasers and therefore more prevalent in the marketplace. As a result there are many marketing claims made which are just not true. Some of the common claims are ‘pain free’, great hair removal results, faster treatments (than Laser) due to larger spot size (IPL’s have a larger less focused square head but the wavelength required for hair removal is not definitive = poor results). Beware of treatments that require you to revisit inside of 4 weeks as you are likely to be wasting money at this frequency. Depending upon the area being treated optimal treatment intervals are usually ideal between 6-10 weeks apart. If you are in doubt you should contact a You by Sia Clinic to arrange an obligation free Consultation. Do your homework and don’t decide purely on price and promise. Ask questions about the type of equipment utilised and research if in doubt. The perceived benefit of a saving rapidly vanishes when you realise you have wasted time and money and in extreme cases risked complications associated with IPL in hair removal. See the staff at You by Sia if in doubt about the pricing or equipment that has been proposed for your hair removal needs and we will without obligation, assist you with your decision should we not be able to provide a better and more cost effective PROVEN solution tailored to your specific needs.

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