Jul 18 2012
Our top 3 celebrity hair free legs!

We've been debating which celebrity stars have been rocking the best hair free legs.

In 3rd place we have Kristen Kruek at the recent Comic Con exhibition, sporting some sexy open toe ankle booties to go with her toned and hair free legs.


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Jul 10 2012
Why Kim loves laser hair removal!

Kim Kardashian has credited laser hair removal for her hair free body. In a recent interview with usmagazine.com she states, "If you look at pictures of me from three years ago, I had a full two-inches of baby hair along my forehead, I had it lasered off, and now it doesn't come back."


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Jun 28 2012
Avoid tattoo damage from laser hair removal

It’s important to consider that when getting laser hair removal people with tattoos should be vigilant in asking their laser technician if the laser is going to damage their tattoo. After all tattoo’s aren’t cheap and to have a permanently damaged tattoo is not a pretty sight!  

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Jun 26 2012
Laser hair removal for Men VS Shaving - What Men need to know!

There is an increase in the amount of Men wanting to permanently remove hair from their bodies. Whether you are a beach goer, athlete or just want to impress your Mrs, the question we always get is, “Which one works best? Laser hair removal or shaving?  

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Jun 22 2012
How to maintain your hair removal regime

By now we know that permanent hair removal is very difficult to achieve. As we all go through hormonal changes, medications and aging, these factors can all trigger regrowth of dormant follicles. Considering all of this, regardless of all the hype in the industry no clinic can state that your hair will be permanently removed.


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Jun 14 2012
Laser hair removal - Which laser is which?

IPL, SIPL, VPL, Diode lasers, Yag lasers, Alexandrite lasers - To me they're all just a bunch of scientific terms that I'm never going to remember, but what I will remember are the results of the laser hair removal treatment in the end.


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Jun 12 2012
Laser hair removal treatment during the colder months!

What you decide to do during the cooler months makes a big difference when the warmer weather comes back! We always recommend that whilst being treated, clients keep the treated area out of the sun, it’s the perfect time to begin laser hair removal treatments!

With less sun exposure this means the skin is generally lighter so results achieved will be at their best. For more information on our laser hair removal treatments, download the PDF of our Laser Hair Removal Fact Sheet.

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Jun 08 2012
Gift permanent hair removal to your special someone

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or just to say thank you, our laser gift certificates are a great gift for that someone special.

They can be purchased over the phone and sent directly to the recipient, be picked up at the clinic of your choice or emailed directly to your nominated email recipient.  

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