Jul 25 2012
Laser treatment on your under arm hair!

Nowadays, we’re all so busy, running around after the kids, heading out to work or rushing to the next event that we sometimes just plain forget to have our under arm hair removed.

Some women are more comfortable to show under arm hair than others but for the vast majority of us it can be quite embarrassing.

The best way to eliminate the possibility of even forgetting to get your under arm hair removed is by getting your arm pit hair laser treated so you won’t need to think about ensuring you have hair free armpits!  

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Jul 16 2012
Is your body hair turning women off?

As I was surfing the web I came across an interesting recent study from Finnish psychologists at the University of Turku where they were trying to find out how women reacted to hairy male bodies.

They discovered young women in the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle found body hair the least attractive.

The study went on to find that young women who were actually pregnant or in a non-fertile phase of their cycle found body hair more attractive and women who were in menopause and could no longer become pregnant also had no problem with body hair on Men.

If you believe in evolution and believe therefore that women will choose men who can provide strong offspring, then you’d expect fertile women to go for men with hairy bodies.

But in saying that if you look at all the magazines, movies and TV programmes in today’s world aimed at young women, the male bodies that are shown hardly portray hairy Men.

This would suggest why younger women actually prefer men without body hair. What we do know for sure is that Men who choose to remove hair from their bodies are doing it either for hygienic purposes, better muscle definition or because their sport requires them to be hair free.

So the quest for Men being hair free continues!

 Which do you prefer, hairy or hair free?  

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Jun 26 2012
Laser hair removal for Men VS Shaving - What Men need to know!

There is an increase in the amount of Men wanting to permanently remove hair from their bodies. Whether you are a beach goer, athlete or just want to impress your Mrs, the question we always get is, “Which one works best? Laser hair removal or shaving?  

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Jun 22 2012
How to maintain your hair removal regime

By now we know that permanent hair removal is very difficult to achieve. As we all go through hormonal changes, medications and aging, these factors can all trigger regrowth of dormant follicles. Considering all of this, regardless of all the hype in the industry no clinic can state that your hair will be permanently removed.


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Jun 19 2012
Your skin type and laser hair removal

When it comes to visiting a laser clinic and deciding which laser hair removal process is right for you, appropriate evaluation of your skin type is essential to providing the most effective laser treatment. At You by Sia laser clinics your skin type is categorised according to the Fitzpatrick skin type scale which ranges from very fair to very dark.
Image courtesy of iStock images
The two main factors that help our skilled laser Therapists determine the correct treatment for you are:  

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Jun 14 2012
Laser hair removal - Which laser is which?

IPL, SIPL, VPL, Diode lasers, Yag lasers, Alexandrite lasers - To me they're all just a bunch of scientific terms that I'm never going to remember, but what I will remember are the results of the laser hair removal treatment in the end.


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