Sep 11 2014
The Modern Man: Manscaping is Here to Stay

The Urban Dictionary defines ‘manscaping’ as: “To groom a man. Shaving, waxing, cleaning up the superfluous fur”.

For as long as we can remember, women have been enduring the pain and cost of beauty treatments and body grooming, but now a new trend has emerged. Men are now more and more likely to be the ones calling up for appointments or shopping for home based solutions.

Some people credit this to the rise of the ‘metrosexual’, which has meant that men are not ashamed to want to look and feel their best, even if it means enduring some pain like their female counterparts.

Male sportspeople, such as swimmers and cyclists have been hair removal advocates for many years for performance reasons, but now this is moving into the mainstream male population as a greater aesthetic pressure is emerging. Men want a smooth, attractive body and aren’t afraid to go to greater lengths to get it.

Products and treatments aimed at men are one of the fastest growing segments of the overall beauty market. While anti-ageing treatments are gaining popularity with men, hair removal is likely the biggest growth segment. As men become more conscious of their natural propensity for excess body hair, many are opting to have it removed in various ways.


This is the most obvious way as men have been shaving their facial hair for centuries. Many men opt to shave their bodies (mainly chest, stomach and legs) themselves to avoid embarrassment or extra costs. New body trimmers and body groomers are flooding the market, specifically aimed at men.

However, there are some areas that require professional attention such as the back, shoulders and nether regions.


Threading is a popular technique for shaping the eyebrows in many Asian cultures. Australia is now seeing a growing demand for eyebrow threading and men appear to be warming to this idea too, perhaps because it has a slightly more masculine feel than waxing or plucking.


More and more men are turning to waxing for a consistent look and relatively quick fix. Waxing is a great choice for all regions of the male body (everything from the back and shoulders to the “manzilian”). The good news for salon owners is that they are now signing up regular customers as men need to keep regular appointments to maintain their newfound streamlined bodies. However, as with women, some men will also start looking for more permanent solutions for certain areas.


Laser hair removal is known to be a more lasting method of hair removal. More and more men are visiting laser clinics to undergo treatment, especially for the back and shoulders. These treatments are usually longer and more frequent than they would be for women as men have thicker follicles and coarser skin. But the good news for men is that it means less pain than waxing and in the long run, less hair removal appointments.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that many men prefer to visit clinics rather than salons due to the medical and scientific connotations.

As men place more importance on their appearance, they are warming to various methods of body grooming and a whole new market is emerging: Manscaping.

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