Jul 23 2014
Will laser hair removal work for me?

1. What type of results can I expect? According to my skin type, how many treatments will I need?

There are so many variables to be considered such as skin colour, hair thickness, hair colour, age, hormonal issues,medications, pre-treatment sun exposure and lifestyle to name but a few. These variables need to be taken into account as results will differ for each individual.

Important observation: Permanent hair reduction, performed by a highly trained and skilled Therapist utilising the latest and most appropriate medical grade lasers (not IPL) for your specific skin type and situation, can be expected after completion of a series of treatments over approximately a 12 month period at 6-10 weeks apart. During your initial consultation the therapist should be able to tell you what results you can expect to see. This is also important in determining what type of Laser is best suited to you.

2. Can I Pluck, Wax or shave Pre-Treatment?

No plucking or waxing but shaving is ok on the day of your treatment. You should also limit sun exposure and self-tanning lotions at least three weeks prior to your treatment so there’s enough contrast between your skin and your hair for the treatment to work.

3. Is Post-Treatment Irritation is Normal

If you notice that your skin is slightly red or irritated after your laser treatment, don't worry. This is typical, and a cool compress or ice pack will help.

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