Laser hair removal for men

Laser hair removal for Men is a popular trend. More men are discovering the benefits of laser hair removal treatments from both a practical and aesthetic perspective. The most common male treatment areas are back, shoulders, chest, neck and abdomen. At You by Sia we understand that every customer wants the best results possible with a minimum amount of discomfort so we only use state of the art medical grade laser technology (not IPL).

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Laser hair removal time information

Arms Full 45
Arms 1/2 (Upper/Lower) 20
Arms 3/4 30
Back Full 45
Back 1/2 (Upper/Lower) 25
Beard 20
Bikini Line 15
Buttocks 40
Chest 25
Cheeks 5
Eyebrow Middle 5
Fingers & Hands 5
Legs Full 70
Legs 1/2 (Upper/Lower) 40
Neck Front 5
Neck Back 5
Nose 5
Shoulders 10
Underarm 5
Chest & Abdomen 45
Back & Shoulders 60
Beard & Neck Front 20

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