Nd: Yag Lasers operate at 1064 nanometres which means the Yag penetrates deeper into the skin and is best suited for hair removal on darker skin types and on tanned skin (not recommended for recently tanned or sun burnt skin)

Due to the Nd: Yag’s operating wavelength, this type of laser is also commonly used for treatment of leg veins, facial veins, wrinkles and used for skin tightening.

The good news for beach goers is that sun exposed skin (2 weeks since exposure) can be safely treated therefore You by Sia’s Clients can ensure they are always looking their best as our Clients are now able to continue their scheduled Laser Hair Removal during the hot summer months! Avoiding the sun after treatment is still necessary as with all laser treatments.

Assessing your correct skin type is one of the first steps the skilled You by Sia’s Laser Therapist will take in the process of evaluating the most suitable treatment solution for your needs and budget. If you want to know which laser is best suited to your needs you can complete You by Sia’s Fitzpatrick Skin type assessment (scale from I fair skin to VI very dark skin).

Just click here to download the skin type assessment.

If you are a skin type I up to IV, depending on your specific circumstances, You by Sia’s Therapists will usually recommend you are treated with our Medical Grade Alexandrite Lasers with DCD comfort which are specifically designed for hair removal on lighter to mid skin types.

Although an Nd: Yag Laser will provide satisfactory results on the lighter skin types, a You by Sia’s Nd: Yag Laser will be recommended by You by Sia’s Laser Therapists for the darker skin types as the Nd: Yag will provide optimal results for these Clients.

If you are uncertain of your skin type, call You by Sia’s Clinic to arrange a FREE Consultation or if you want to find out more facts about the various types of lasers and how they work check out our Laser Fact Sheet.

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