Premium skincare for your whole body is now available exclusively to You by Sia. We’ve developed a range of products that are specifically formulated to protect, nourish and soothe your skin.

Alleviate AM

Alleviate AM is a daytime serum designed to address the appearance of skin conditions such as rosacea, redness and environmental sensitivity. Size: 50mL

Alleviate PM

Alleviate PM is a topical evening treatment that helps reduce the appearance of skin redness and inflammation, particularly associated with rosacea and environmental sensitivity. Size: 50mL

Delicate Clenz

Gently remove surface build-up on your face while achieving a deep, refined cleanse. With a light, foaming formula, Delicate Clenz can balance the appearance of skin without drying or irritating. Size: 200mL


Dermafade uses a powerful combination of active ingredients to effectively improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation and prepare the skin for laser treatment. Size: 100mL


Envelope your body in a rich, hydrating formula that includes powerful antioxidants and soothing ingredients. Enhance nurtures the skin’s appearance, promoting vibrant, silky looking skin. Size: 180mL


Erase is a gel-based, intensive topical mask formulated to improve the appearance of excess hyperpigmentation and blemished skin. Size: 50mL

Intense Clenz

A cosmeceutical-grade deep-foaming cleanser, packed with vital antioxidants and vitamins. Removes excess oil while refreshing and balancing the appearance of problem skin. Size: 200mL


Packed with a combination of high-strength zinc and effective antioxidants, Minc provides hydration and protection from the harmful, drying effects of the sun. Size: 50mL

Pure pHix

Pure pHix is a sulphur compound which supports and promotes the appearance of youthful, radiant skin. Available in 210g and 1.1kg sizes.


Release uses a complex of growth-factor mimicking peptides to stimulate and transform tired looking skin, improving the signs of ageing, including sagging and discolouration. Size: 30mL


Revive is a specialist balm specifically formulated to increase circulation for dark circles and the reduction of fine lines around the eyes. It can also be applied to support extremely damaged skin, specifically following laser. Size: 50mL

Shift AM

Formulated with a complex of advanced vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Shift AM is a daytime serum designed to brighten the appearance of ageing, pigmented skin. Size: 50mL

Shift PM

Shift PM is a potent, active serum that works through the night to help diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots, while ensuring skin is supple and hydrated. Size: 50mL

Vanish AM

Vanish AM is a powerful serum which employs a complex of botanicals, minerals and antioxidants to support acne prone skin while reducing excess oil during the day. Size: 50mL

Vanish AM

Vanish PM provides support for acne-prone and oily skin, helping to calm and soothe the appearance of redness and irritation, while maintaining moisture levels during the night. Size: 50mL

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