Permanent hair removal reduction is the most common and preferred form of laser hair removal whereby the majority of undesirable hairs will be destroyed over a course of treatments and will not re-grow.

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You by Sia Laser Clinics use only leading laser technology not IPL. Potentially, a smaller percentage of finer or light vellus hair which is very hard to treat can persist however this is usually hard to see and very soft to the touch.

Pigmented hairs, particularly coarse hairs are permanently destroyed with the finer less pigmented hairs normally reducing to achieve long term removal.

Permanent hair removal indicates that the area of treatment will be eventually void of all types of hair. Despite some false claims, permanent hair removal is very difficult to achieve as hormonal changes, medications and aging can all trigger regrowth of dormant follicles.

Electrolysis whilst painful, impractical, very slow and expensive, is the closest form of permanent hair removal. Some remaining white hair or insufficiently pigmented hairs are likely to require some additional electrolysis to complete the course of treatment.

In summary the optimal results for most people are achieved with the use of medical grade Lasers (not IPL) specifically designed for Permanent Hair reduction providing up to 90% effective and lasting results over a series of treatments. Specialist Laser Clinics such as You by Sia Laser Clinics utilize specific lasers for various skin types to achieve optimum results for their clients.

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