Laser Hair Removal offers a more cost effective solution than waxing

Whilst waxing may cost less per session, it actually costs more than laser hair removal over the long run. Laser hair removal takes several sessions and retouches for successful results but the total investment pales in comparison to the cost of long-term waxing which requires ongoing maintenance every few weeks.

Laser Hair Removal provides superior long term results compared to waxing

Whether the waxing method uses cold or hot wax, the wax removes unwanted hair by gripping the hair and pulling it out by the roots. While this may temporarily leave your skin smooth, it is not permanent and can also result in burns, rashes, and ingrown hairs.

There are many other disadvantages to waxing – not only is it very messy, you need to wait for regrowth before going for another waxing. Laser Hair Removal is the safest, most effective treatment available to date– and ensures you have smooth, long-lasting hair-free skin, in next to no time!

Customer Experiences

I used to suffer from painful and ugly ingrowns for years. I couldn't even wear a swimsuit as my bikini line looked so terrible. After just 1 laser treatment at You by Sia, they started to disappear and now after completing my treatments I'm glad to say I love wearing my bikini! Thanks!


Being a busy working mother of 4 I'm extremely time poor! Waxing can be very time consuming, messy and they don't always remove the hair from the root. I used to have to wax every 10-14 days. Laser has freed up my time and I'm completely hair free for 5 weeks at a time! Going to You by Sia is the best decision I ever made!


I have been waxing my face since I was 14 years old but got really bad breakouts from it and it was so embarrassing. Laser has changed my life and I'm hair free for weeks at a time without any 'shadow' or breakouts! I'm a new confident woman thanks to You by Sia!


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Why you can trust us?

You by Sia has been helping create silky smooth skin for women and men for years. And one of the best things about our service is that you can see the benefits from your very first treatment! But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s why thousands of customers come to us to experience the most comfortable and effective treatments in Australia.
We are:

  • Experienced – all our therapists are highly skilled, extensively trained and accredited
  • Efficient – to meet with our clients’ busy lifestyles, we aim to be efficient at all times
  • Safe – we only use state of the art, medical grade lasers which are equipped with cryogen cooling technology
  • Experts – whatever your skin type, we have a solution for you
  • Diligent – all our treatment intervals are spaced according to the Candela guidelines
  • Hygienic – we always ensure that laserheads are changed for every new client
  • Customer focused – we provide a hygienic, comfortable and relaxed environment so you can sit back and relax while we eradicate those unwanted hairs in a luxury environment.
  • Responsible – we regularly update our clients' medical histories to ensure there are no reactions to the laser treatment, and for optimum treatment outcome as settings gradually increase over treatments
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Whether you’re looking to get hair removed from your legs, underarms, bikini area, or your back, you can feel assured that when you leave a You by Sia Clinic, you will not only look great, but also your skin will feel amazing too.

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