19, Jun, 2024
What is Disc Protrusion?

What is Disc Protrusion?

One of the strongest but delicate parts of the human body is the spine. However, due to injuries or factors such as aging, the human spine become weaker and weaker, thereby causing a condition known as a disc protrusion. What is a disc protrusion? As a result, the spine begins to move, especially under high pressure. In other words, a disc protrusion is a condition that affects the outermost layers of the annulus fibrosus of the discs located at the spine, making them bulge when you apply any pressure around the discs. In case you experience symptoms such as numbness, weakness, extreme pain, tingling, aching, or burning sensation in the back or any areas that surround the spine, you should consider visiting a doctor or therapist for diagnosis. During the diagnosis of the disc protrusion always expect the doctor or the therapist to carry out some tests to make a test before deciding the kind of treatment to give you.

How is a Protrusion Diagnosed?

Once you have visited your doctor or the therapist, they will have to either carry out a physical test or a diagnostic test or both so that they can diagnose a protruding disc. The following are some of the tests to expect when you visit a doctor or a therapist for a disc protrusion diagnosis.

1.         Physical Examination

During this test, the doctor or therapist will ask you to show them the parts that you experience pain so that they can detect the affected areas. They will also apply very little pressure on those parts that are affected so that once you experience pain, they will automatically determine the state at which the disc has been affected.

2.         Motion Assessment

The therapist will ensure that you get involved in a wide range of movements as a way of testing your spine. For instance, you may be required to bend or even raise your legs at different intervals.  In case you experience pain in the back during these movements, it will be an indication of disc protrusion.

3.         Strength Testing

When you have a disc protrusion, you will realise that you will be losing your strength daily. For this treason, strength testing is one of the ways that the therapists or doctors will use to determine whether you are suffering from a disc protrusion. The test will involve holding arms and legs either to the right or left sides or front side of the body. Due to the diminishing of muscle strength, it will be hard for you to hold your hands and legs for long indicating that you have a protruding disc. At times during this test, the doctor or therapist will also discover abnormal muscle movements which are also an indication of disc protrusion.

4.         Reflex Test

Although people think that this is an old way of diagnosing disc protrusion, some doctors and therapists who still value and apply this method to diagnose disc protrusion. The test involves tapping the areas that are affected by the protruding disc.

5.         Diagnostic Test

This is one of the most used tests to diagnose spinal issues. The doctor or therapist will do some examinations to check for the damaged discs. The internal examinations involved will ten help the doctor or therapist identify the kind of treatment to use to treat the problem.

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