24, May, 2024
All that you wanted to know about dental implants

All that you wanted to know about dental implants

Lots of people get dental implants. They may either do so for replacing missing teeth or to get a more beautiful smile. In any case, dental implants have become quite common and is one of the most commonly performed dental procedure by dentists these days. So are dental implants actually your thing? If you want to know more about these, make sure to read all about it in this article.

Dental implants are considered to be the optimal tooth replacement procedure. Although an implant connects differently with a bone than a tooth, it still helps perform the same basic function. A dental implant is very much like a substitute tooth.

So what is the purpose of a dental implant?

  • Dental implants can help stabilize the damaged bone and prevent the gum from losing any more of the bone
  • It is usually made up of titanium which can help it fix to the bone bio chemically. This means the implant actually fuses into the bone and gives the appearance of an actual tooth.
  • The implants are so realistic that any lay person can’t tell the difference between it and the actual teeth.
  • This joining of the implant to the bone is known as Osseo integration and was actually discovered by chance. However, this is a concept which has revolutionized the dental industry.

The key to successful dental implants at a Marouba dentist

The right team of experienced dentists from Maroubra Dentistry can ensure that you dental implant I a success. That you can go back to having the same beautiful smile which you always had before you lost your tooth due to injury or decay.

The right dentist would ensure that they place the implant as strategically as possible. The implanted tooth should not only look aesthetically appealing but also fulfill the same purpose as proper tooth.

Also it should be analyzed if there is enough bone to facilitate the dental implant. Total bone loss might result in the implant coming off after some time. The extent of bone damage and decay needs to be assed properly before an implant is made into the oral cavity.

Also the design of the implant needs to be checked thoroughly before the actual implantation procedure takes place. When the implant is placed it should be given enough time for its fusion to take place. It can take anywhere from two to three months or maybe more. The biting force during the initial period of implantation has to be kept limited otherwise it might hinder with the fusion process. All these are guidelines which would be given to the patient at the dental clinic in Marouba.

Although implants seem like an expensive option but this is one of the best treatment plan for anyone looking to cover their tooth loss as naturally as possible. However, it should be kept in mind that these implants last a lifetime with proper upkeep and care. Therefore these are usually the go to option for anyone looking for a tooth replacement.

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