16, Jul, 2024
5 Things You Should Know before Getting Laser hair Removal done

5 Things You Should Know before Getting Laser hair Removal done

We all know that having to constantly worry about shaving and waxing can be a pain in the neck. However, an effective alternative to those things can be to get a laser hair removal treatment done. That way you actually can live a stubble-free life. But here’s a few things you should know about before going under the laser;

It’s not as painful as it looks

Getting a laser treatment seems really painful, but we’re here to tell you – it’s not as bad as it looks. While getting the treatment, the laser emits a sharp light which then converts into heat and zaps the hair follicles in your skin. Around the more sensitive areas where skin is thinner, you tend to feel a slight pinch that lasts for about 2 seconds before the laser moves on to the next part of the skin. But fear not, most laser treatment machines have a cooling mechanism where they throw off cold air on the areas being zapped to instantly cool off the effect of the heat. The result – you barely feel the pain for a couple of seconds!

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It’s not a one-off treatment

Most people have a misconception that getting laser hair removal done is a one-time process. Whereas that’s not true. You have to regularly attend multiple sessions depending on your skin type to see proper results. It usually takes about 3 sessions to see the reduction in speed and thickness of hair growth.

Protecting the eyes is a must

It is imperative to use protection for your eyes during the treatment as the laser can damage your eyes if exposed directly. Make sure that suitable eye protection is provided by your doctor during the treatment.

You have to take extra care of your skin before and after the treatment

Since your skin gets exposed to heat from the laser, your pores open up and your skin is vulnerable to bacteria. It’s imperative that you take care of your skin both before and after the treatment. After the procedure, it’s important to avoid hot showers, deodorants, saunas and direct exposure to sunlight for 24-48 hours.

Consistency is key

About 90% people report permanent reduction in the growth of their hair follicles after completing their treatment. But in some cases, due to changing hormones, you might have to continue to get the procedure done on regular intervals as prescribed by your doctor. This is why it is important that you are regular and consistent with your initial sessions, as the best results can be seen only with consistency.

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