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Why you need a Dietitian Gold Coast

Why you need a Dietitian Gold Coast

It has become a real challenge today to eat right based on what we read in the news or see on TV. When healthy eating for the long haul is your ultimate goal, an RDN or registered dietitian nutritionist or RD registered dietitian are the right food partners to have.

Anyone can claim to be a nutritionist. However, the professional title of nutritionist belongs only to an RD or RDN. In the Gold Coast area, a dietitian Gold Coast has the training, licence, and certificates to back their claim.

Reasons for consulting with a dietitian

There are varied ways on how a dietitian can assist you. It could be about weight management or it could just be maintaining optimum lifetime health. Here are some of the most common explanations people seek to consult with a dietitian:

Help in managing chronic diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes

Your preferred foods can affect chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Consulting with an RDN can work an eating plan containing the important nutrients to help manage your disease. Additionally, an RD or RDN is the best person to help you understand your current medical condition.

You are recovering from Gastric Bypass surgery or thinking about having one

It will be difficult to supply the nutrients your body needs after gastric bypass surgery. The stomach is not allowed large food servings after surgery. During the recovery time, an RDN is one of the important members of your health care team. She is the best person to create eating plan changes without necessarily sacrificing food taste and flavour.

Help in managing chronic digestive problems

A dietary change can be planned and worked with you and your doctor by an RDN or RD. The dietary plan will include food choices that will not add further aggravation to your digestive issues. For instance, carbonated drinks, fried foods or caffeine will be in limited portions.

Help to get pregnant, as a new mom or pregnant

A healthy pregnancy is ensured by consulting with an RDN. Becoming a new mom also needs help from an RDN to ensure proper nutrition for you and your baby.

Nutrition is compromised when you resort to a boring diet because of food allergies, lactose intolerance, and celiac disease. Identifying the right foods to eat and to avoid as well as finding the proper substitutions are food strategies that can be taught by an RDN.

Help in losing or gaining weight

Quick weight loss remedies are provided by fad diets. However, the unrealistic dietary approach to these types of eating rarely works long-term. Calorie sources for gaining weight the healthy way can be suggested by an RDN. Physical activity and diet changes are also personalised services provided by an RD.

Healthy eating lifestyle

Consulting with an RDN can help you sift through nutrition facts and fiction. An RDN will be able to help you plan inexpensive but healthy meal options to achieve optimum health lasting for a lifetime.

An RDN is one member of the health team that can provide long-term realistic and safe eating lifestyle to help you achieve optimum health. The meal plans from an RDN will be out-of-the-box creative food ideas that are guaranteed to help you plan, shop and prepare your meals.

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