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Hair removal: These are the most effective methods

Hair removal: These are the most effective methods

The hair removal trends change almost every season: Sometimes you should stand to his body hair (keyword underarm hair), sometimes it is utterly frowned to sprout the hair. If one then travels to other countries, such as the United States, even the forearms should be hairless. The University of Leipzig has commissioned a study, according to which about eighty percent of all German women remove their hair on at least three parts of the body, especially on the legs, under the armpits and in the genital area.

Intimate aesthetics: this is how problems “down there” can be treated

No matter which faction you belong to, and no matter which “hairstyle” you prefer downstairs, we almost all agree on one thing: the hair on the legs is not beautiful, no trend and must go. But how? We introduce you to various possibilities – and give you SOS tips from the professional.

Hair removal: What methods are available?
There are many ways to get rid of annoying body hair. Not all methods work equally well for all people. Here’s a closer look at these hair removal methods: plucking and epilating, waxing, sugaring, shaving, hair removal with depilatory creams and laser and IPL removal.

  1. Hair removal – plucking and epilating
    Plucked are usually only smaller areas such as eyebrows or annoying hairs on the toes. As soon as a larger treatment area is pending, you better reach for the epilator. The so-called “mini tweezers system”, the hair is pulled out directly at the root at high speed. This is very painful especially at the first times.

This is how it works: Shower the areas to be depilated with warm water. This opens the pores and makes the treatment a bit more relaxed. If possible, choose an epilator with massage mode, which is a bit more pleasant. Then cool the treated areas of skin a little and cream well. Aloe vera soothes the skin. If you have very sensitive skin, first test the epilator in a smaller area and wait a day for how your skin reacts. The advantage: Each application is less painful – the hair will become less and softer over time.

Skin type: less sensitive and southern skin types
Holds: depending on hair growth up to two weeks

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