16, Jul, 2024
Why every guy should visit a barber shop in Brisbane

Why every guy should visit a barber shop in Brisbane

Barber shops are back with a bang. There is something completely old school about going to a barber shop. For those who have always been to unisex salons, the site of a barber shop can be one of nostalgia. As kids most men used to frequent barber shops every time they needed a haircut. There is a distinct male aura when it comes to the barber shop. You won’t smell the fumes of perm lotion or the overly sweet smell of a shampoo wash.

About a century ago barber shops were all the rage. It was the kind of place men frequented, mainly to get a shave and have a quick chat. It was during this time that barber shops could easily rival any popular salon number of visitors. Slowly it all began to change when fashion started to become androgynous and unisex salons sprung up all over Brisbane.

In those days barber shops used to be pretty classy with marble counter top and huge mirrors adorning the walls. The whole place was surrounded with a heavenly classic male aroma of after shave and tobacco smoke.

However, barber shops have again made a comeback in the past few years. The following are a few reasons why every man should visit Blackwood Barber shop in Brisbane :

  • A barber knows how to cut a man’s hair. If you have always visited a unisex salon, you might have wondered what’s so special about barber shops? While the cut at a unisex salon might prove to be at the most average or it might look good in the beginning only to end up looking off after the first one or two weeks. The main reason for this is that the barbers are the ones who are trained to actually cut men’s hair. On the other hand the person working at the unisex salon has no formal training as a barber.
  • The barber has all the tools which are essential for giving a perfect male air cut, mainly the clippers. These are the most important tool anyone handling a man’s hair should have in hand. While the barber uses the clipper, at a unisex salon you would observe the stylist using scissors. Also using the former requires a certain amount of skill which any trained barber is surely going to possess.
  • At a unisex salon the only meaningful conversation which you would hear is about the family and work. At a barber shop it’s different. The kinship which men share is apparent at the barber shop. You not only get to cat up with the other males around you but a man to man talk is sometimes all that you need to work out a problem which you have been facing.

The above mentioned re few of the reasons why you should visit a barber shop in Brisbane. However, make sure that you visit a reliable barber. Not only would you have a good time at the sop but walk away with great looking hair as well.

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